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                            not just any booth



~ Starting at $600


- The Everybooth is the perfect addition to any occasion! Weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, any place at all that you might want a special keepsake to remember it by!


- With an interactive touch screen and multiple photo layout options customized to your event, it really is everything you could need in a photobooth. Various prop packages, multiple color backdrop choices, the Everybooth will add an extra level of fun to any event!


- It's not just photostrips you can customize, the Everybooth has 15 exterior color choices to chose from! Is your Wedding filled with silver and lavender? The Everybooth will fit right in with multiple shades of purple to chose from. Spooky Halloween party? A red glow is sure to keep the atmosphere as chilling as your zombie costume!

- 2 or 4 hours, always with unlimited prints, as well as the option of double prints to go along with a personalized photo album so you don't miss a thing, and even get a USB drive with digital copies of all the photos!


- The Everybooth is not just a photobooth, have your guests leave you video messages as well!

- Use to contact form below if you have any questions or would like to begin booking for your event!

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